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Great news! God loves you and wants you to live the best life you possibly can! Yes, it is all possible and can be achieved by knowing and living in accordance with God's plan.

We at the Four Seasons Church of Christ are a simple yet diverse group of individuals with a core purpose of obeying God. As part of our obedience we worship God as instructed by the New Testament. 

You will feel welcomed when you visit us. In our worship you will find we embrace all visitors, locals and travelers, newcomers and devoted Christians alike. You will not be targeted, embarrassed or coerced into anything. We simply hope to give you a glimpse, through examination and application of the Bible, of how being a Christian (i.e., a follower of Jesus) can remarkably enrich and renew your life on earth, and is key to saving one's soul throughout eternity.

Accordingly, as a congregation, we are constantly seeking to edify ourselves by following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through diligent study, application, preservation, and the sharing of God’s Holy Scriptures.

We have no desire to add to or take away from the innately perfect Bible. In doing so, we realize just how brilliant, beautiful, and powerful our God is, and will never be confused on his plan for our eternal salvation.

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"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness"  -Matthew 6:33
We want to help you achieve salvation. Come hear how a Christ-centered lifestyle will remarkably renew and enrich your life on earth!